Ashwood Financial is committed in its belief that to be the best in the collection industry, you have to employ the best in the business and give them the most advanced tools available. Our goal is to provide the greatest returns on the accounts your company places for collection. We go way beyond the typical letter writing and phone contacts performed by most other agencies.

Ashwood Financial offers services that are an extension of your in-house efforts, not a duplication of them. We are all on one team and work with your office staff to solve your collection problems and give you a successful return on your accounts receivables.

• Contracts: To get started with our collection services, please click on contract to download a contract that can be signed and sent to our office.

• Contingency Based: At Ashwood Financial Inc. there are no payments in advance or hidden charges, all fees are based only upon if we collect.

Our fees include everything! We assume the cost of all demand letters, telephone calls, skip-tracing and asset investigations.

We work on a contingency basis as there are no fees unless we collect. Call us today for your free consultation with one of our qualified representatives to learn how Ashwood Financial can help with your collection needs.

Call today, don’t delay. Contact Us to learn how we can help

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