Ashwood Financial Inc.

A National Debt Collection Agency





Ashwood Financial can assist your company with all of its collection needs from school and university collections to medical, and other consumer recovery.


Cash flow and slow-pay receivables can make the difference between survival and prosperity.


The most successful collections are achieved when accounts are turned over for collection after 90 days. It is proven that prompt action on collections will recover your receivables quickly and efficiently. By setting up an immediate collection plan, we will save your business a great deal of time and money.




Medical Collection



Ashwood Financial has over 20 years of medical collection experience with physicians, hospitals, dentists and other healthcare providers.



Have you found it more difficult today's Health Care environment to maintain your profit margins without compromising patient care? Are your accounts 90 days past due? We will provide the third party intervention necessary to collect well before your accounts receivable become unmanageable.



At Ashwood Financial we understand that physicians tend to worry how their patients are treated and we maintain extreme professionalism in order to resolve their debt and maintain good relations with your patients and keep them coming back.



Our account representatives will follow up with each patient to secure payment in full or substantial payment arrangements. Our staff has extensive knowledge in medical collections and insurance appeals. We will re-submit claims to all insurance companies.



Our fees are based on a percentage of the amount recovered there is no fee for accounts that are not recovered.


HIPAA Compliance



Ashwood Financial, Inc. has adapted all its policies to conform to HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. HIPAA provides for national standards that make it easier for health plans, health care providers, hospitals and health care clearing houses to process claims and transactions electronically. The law also requires the implementation of privacy and security standards in order to protect individual health information.



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School & University Collections



Does your Student Accounts or Bursars Office find it difficult to keep up with students who drop out of school or graduate without completing their debt obligations? At Ashwood Financial, we believe that persistency and understanding is the key to our success in collecting on student debt.



Do you hear constant disputes such as "student loans were supposed to cover the cost of the program", "never registered for the class", etc.? Ashwood Financial can overcome these objectives with our knowledge and experience of student loans and school contracts governing these tuition obligations.



A student might be underemployed or unemployed upon graduation or incompletion of school. Therefore, an extra measure of sensitivity to the student's situation often leads to the student's payment of their debts.

Verbal and Written Demands...



Our fees are based on a percentage of the amount recovered. There is no fee for accounts that are not recovered. 



Consumer Collections



Consumer collection accounts may include Consumer Loans, Credit Card Debt, Auto Loans, Retail accounts and any debt incurred by an individual.



As a result of insufficient funds, bankruptcies, change of address, divorce, unemployment and variables, time is an important element. The same day we receive your collection accounts is the same day the debtor is contacted. Our collectors will establish a working relationship with the debtor to satisfy their account and will utilize the latest credit tools available to guarantee an excellent rate of return.



In today's financial arena, buying debt has become an investment vehicle for many. This debt may consist of consumer loans and credit card charge offs. Ashwood Financial will aggressively work these accounts to produce a quick return before reselling the debt.



Our fees are based on a percentage of the amount recovered. There is no fee for accounts that are not recovered.


Commercial Debt Collection


Ashwood Financial provides assistance in debt collection for businesses such as Internet Based Companies, Manufacturers, Distributors, Attorneys, and other commercial Business.



Does your business provide quality service and products only find your invoices over 90 days past the due? We will provide the third party intervention necessary to collect on your debt well before your accounts become more delinquent.



If one of our clients files bankruptcy, changes ownership or corporate name and address, we can skip trace to obtain new information in order to collect on your debt.



As the original creditor you have a right to pursue immediate legal action on your past due accounts. We can effectively handle accounts of any size through our network of affiliate attorneys across the United States. Once judgments are obtained liens will be put on assets of the corporation.



Our fees are based on a percentage of the amount recovered. There is no fee for accounts that are not recovered.